The Digital Turn: User’s Practices and Cultural Transformations

Edited by Pille Runnel, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Piret Viires, Marin Laak

Frankurt-am-Main: Peter Lang Verlag, 2013, 298 pp.

By combining the analysis of the new forms and environments of the digital world with critical scholarship of the role of the users, this book argues that cultural field is facing a challenge of the digital turn. The digital turn hereby implies that changes in the use and application of digital technology bring on changes in practice and in the relationships between cultural institutions and audiences. We approach the changes in society from the structural (institutional) as well as from the agential (audiences, users, individuals) perspective. The authors represented in this book share the view that there
is no need to fear the new media pushing aside traditional cultural forms, acknowledging at the same time that the scope of this cultural change is far from understood.


Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Pille Runnel, Marin Laak, Piret Viires
The Challenge of the Digital Turn

I User’s practices

Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Pille Runnel, Agnes Aljas
Orienting the Heritage Institution towards Participatory Users in the Internet

Marju Lauristin
New Media and Changes in the Forms of Cultural
Transmission: The Estonian Experience

Tobias Olsson, Anders Svensson
Reaching and Including Digital Visitors: Swedish Museums and Social Demand

Krista Lepik
Changing users of Memory Institutions

Lien Mostmans, Eva Van Passel
Audiovisual Collections in a Digital Culture: Reflections on Providers and Users of Digital Audiovisual Heritage in Flanders

Marin Laak
Heritage, User and the Digital Environment: Rewriting the Narrative of the Literary Past

Katrine Damkjær, Lea Schick
Can You Be Friends with an Art Museum? Rethinking the Art Museum with Facebook

Stijn Bannier, Chris Vleugels
Recommended Friends, Artists, Events and Books: The Opportunities and Risks of Web 3.0

Joke Beyl
Blogging Writers: (De)Mystifi cation of Authority?

Sari Östman
Life-Publishing on the Internet – a Playful Field of Life-Narrating

Stacey M. Koosel
Exploring Digital Identity: Beyond the Private
Public Paradox

David Casado-Neira
From Landscape to Multi-layer Landscape: Landscape as a Tourism Resource on Web 2.0

Marcus Weisen
Accessible Digital Culture for Disabled People

II Cultural transformations

Nico Carpentier
A Short History of Participation in the Cultural Realm

Anne Kaun
Playful Public Connectivity and Heritage Institutions

Piret Viires, Virve Sarapik
Solitude in Cyberspace

Janne Andresoo, Mihkel Volt
Digital Memory, Risks and Common Sense: Dilemmas in the Context of National Libraries

Markku Eskelinen
Cybertextuality Meets Transtextuality

Raine Koskimaa
From the Gutenberg Galaxy to the Internet Galaxy. Digital Textuality and the Change of the Cultural Landscape

Farouk Y. Seif
Between Technology and Teleology: Can the Digital Age Embrace the Analogue Experience of Culture?