IAPL/36: Archaeologies of the Future

The IAPL (International Association for Philosophy and Literature) 36th Annual Conference "Archaeologies of the Future: Tracing Memories, Imagining Spaces". May 28 - June 3 2012, Tallinn University

International Association of Philosophy and Literature (IAPL) is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and scholarly research within the humanities. Founded to provide a context for the interplay of Philosophy, Literary Theory, and Cultural / Aesthetic / Textual Studies, the IAPL brings together scholars from the full range of disciplines concerned with philosophical, historical, critical, and theoretical issues.

The association’s annual meetings provide a unique opportunity for dialogue and the exchange of ideas, the articulation of contemporary themes and topics, the exploration of various expressive arts, and the production of new theoretical discourses.

The 2012 conference was a key event for humanities in Estonia. The organizers aimed to bring together 250 participants who created an intellectual atmosphere in a conference that was packed full of academic discussions and thought-provoking sessions. Among key speakers were a French philosopher Jacques Rancière and an Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tüür. The theme, “Archaeologies of the Future: Tracing Memories, Imagining Spaces”, united time and space and contemplated the human experience of space through contact with the past and the future.

The Estonian Literary Museum, the Tallinn University Institute of Estonian Language and Literature and the Tallinn University Estonian Institute of Humanities organized the conference.

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