Taavi Remmel

Photo: Krõõt Tarkmeel

Taavi Remmel (b. 1990) is a writer and literary scholar. He has a bachelor’s degree (2012) in philosophy from Tartu University and a master’s degree (2015) in literary studies from Tallinn University. From 2015 he has continued his studies at Tallinn University in cultural studies. His main interest is in the conflicting situation between two cultures (humanities and science), space and experimental writing. Currently he is writing his doctoral thesis “Fiction in the Impact Field of Quantum Theory”. In addition to research, Taavi Remmel works as a school teacher, he has also taught literature and creative writing at Tallinn University. Taavi Remmel has also written books for children and experimental fiction, novels „Tessera” (2019) and „Antigravity’s Rainbow” (2020).