Postmodernism in Estonian Literary Culture

Piret Viires

Frankfurt am Main etc: Peter Lang, 2012, 151 pp.

Postmodernism in Estonian Literary Culture explores the influence of postmodernism on Estonian culture, more precisely its literature. The author takes a look at how postmodernism arrived in the Estonian literary culture and how it took root there, both on a theoretical level and in cultural practices. Obvious parallels emerge with radical cultural changes in post-socialist East-European countries in the early 1990s, which were caused by social transformations. Examples of Estonian postmodernist literary texts are analysed, following the manifestations of postmodernism from the 1950s until the beginning of the 21 st century; the book also tackles ethnofuturism, popular and digital literature, and introduces a universal model which enables to determine postmodernist texts in literature.


1. Concepts of Postmodernism and Postmodernity
2. Modernity/Modernism and Postmdernity/Postmodernism
3. History of the Concept of Postmodernism
4. Postmodern Society
5. Postmodernism and Technology
6. Postmodernist Culture
7. Postmodernist Literature
8. Postmodernism in Estonian Literature. General Cultural Background
9. Postmodernism in Estonian Literature. Examples of Text
10. The End of Postmodernism
11. After Postmodernism
12. The New Transitional Era