Place and Location II

October 13–14, 2000. Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu mnt 1

International seminar “Place and Location II: Culture and Landscape” focuses on the relations between human experience and activities on the one hand and on landscape as a way of experiencing, describing and depicting the environment on the other hand. The goal is to bring together people from different fields for a discussion on the following themes:

  • notions of landscape, space and environment in different fields of research;
  • landscapes significant and influenced by culture;
  • possibilities of integrating culture with its natural sources;
  • ways of introducing, presenting and experiencing environment.



Friday, October 13

10.00 Opening
10.15 Pauli Tapani Karjalainen (University of Oulu, Finland)
Three Ways of a Landscape
11.00 Sven Arntzen (Telemark College, Norway)
Landscape and Meaning: The Immaterial Dimension of Environmental Preservation
11.45 Hannes Palang, Piret Paal (University of Tartu, Estonian Literary Museum)
Places Gained and Lost
12.30 Lunch 


13.30 Ruta Caupova (University of Latvia)
Concepts and Motifs of Landscape in Contemporary Latvian Sculpture
14.00 Kristiāna Ābele (University of Latvia)
Revealing a Hidden Life - Landscape as a Visual Metaphor in Latvian Art of the Early 20th Century
14.30 Maria Zadencka (Stockholm)
Transformations of the National Landscape: Steppe and Sea in the Polish Literature and Art
15.00 Janis Kalnacs (Vidzeme University College)
Landscape as an Indicator of Art Life in Latvia During Period of Nazi Occupation
15.30 Coffee
16.00 Natalja Zlõdneva (Moscow, Institute for Slavic Studies)
'Waste Slot' as a Text of Culture
16.30 Stella Pelse (University of Latvia)
Essence vs Appearance - Picture Space in Modernist Theoretical Writings
17.00 Anti Randviir (University of Tartu)
Place as a/the substrate of culture
17.30 Pasi T. Korhonen (Helsinki University of Technology)
Gazes Behind Restored Landscape - The Case of Suomenlinna Sea Fortress 


13.30 Marja Kallasmaa (Institute of the Estonian Language)
Kohanimed kui keskkond nimekasutajale ja objekt nimeuurijale
[Toponyms – An Environment for Their Users and an Object for Their Researchers]
14.00 Timo Maran (University of Tartu)
Maastik kui mälu kandja
[Landscape as the Vehicle of Memory]
14.30 Peet Lepik (Tallinn Pedagogical University)
Sümmeetria semioosises
[The Semiosis of Symmetry]
15.00 Toomas-Vahur Lihtmaa (Tallinn Pedagogical University)
Mõningaid seisukohti interpreteerimaks visuaalseid objekte
[Some Viewpoints in the Interpretation of Visual Objects]
15.30 Coffee
16.00 Katrin Koov (Coo Architects, Tallinn)
Muunduvad maastikud
16.30 Liina Unt (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Kohtade lavastamine
[Making up Places]
17.00 Monika Läänesaar (University of Tartu)
Kus on seinad? Lavalise keskkonna esitamise viisid teatriajaloos
[Where are the Walls?The Ways of Presenting the Stage Environment in the History of Theatre]
17.30 Anneli Saro (University of Tartu)
Lava kehtestamine
[The Establishment of the Stage]

Saturday, October 14

Excursion, guided by
Kalevi Kull (University of Tartu)
The Estonian Landscape Tradition
Valter Lang (University of Tartu)
15.00 Lunch 


16.00 Kadri Tüür (University of Tartu)
Those Who Love (in) The Woods
16.30 Ene-Reet Soovik (University of Tartu)
To Be a Landscape': Some Aspects of Landscape Representation in Contemporary Estonian Poetry
17.00 Anneli Mihkelev (Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, University of Tartu)
Linnasemiootika eesti luules
17.30 Arne Merilai (University of Tartu)
"Minu luule kohakus ehk kus on kullalla koduke..."
[My poetry's bump of locality or where's a deary's home...] 


16.00 Kaia Lehari (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Talvine maastik sillaga
[A Wintry Landscape with a Bridge]
16.30 Mari Laanemets (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Heterotoopia kaardistamisest: välja meelitatud kokkupõrked Tallinnas
[On the Mapping of Heterotopia: Elicited Encounters in Tallinn]
17.00 Vappu Vabar (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Kohtumine kehas ja keeles
[Meeting in Body and Language]
17.30 Karin Paulus (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Kodu kõverpeeglis
[Home in a Distorting Mirror]
18.00 Virve Sarapik (Estonian Academy of Arts)
Maastik: kujutamine ja esitamine
[Landscape: Representation and Presentation] 


Institute of Art History,
Estonian Academy of Arts
Under and Tuglas Literature Centre

Coordinators of the Conference:
Dr. Virve Sarapik,
Dr. Kaia Lehari,
Mari Laanemets,

The seminar “Place and Location” is supported by:
Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Estonian Academy of Arts